7th International conference on
System Simulation in Buildings,
Liège, December 11-13, 2006


Final program

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Monday 11th December

09 h 00 – 10 h 30 : Session 1 : APPLICATION TO DESIGN (1)
Chair: Holmes Michael (U K)

  • Design of the Self-Supporting Belgian Antarctic Station with and Trnsys
  • De Coninck Roel, Coppye Werner (Belgium)
  • A Study on HVAC Scheme Design Simulation Methodology
  • Yan Da, Tang Weiyin, Xia Jianjun, and Jiang Yi (China)
  • Solar Energy Driven Desiccant Wheels for The Cuban Climate
  • Carbonell Morales Tania, Quesada Ramos Guillermo (Cuba), De Paepe Michel (Belgium)

11 h 00 – 12 h 30 : Session 2 : APPLICATION TO DESIGN (2)
Chair: Madjidi Madjid (Germany)

  • Simulation of Heat and Power Demands Using Analytical Models for Building in Tropical Areas
  • Vaillant Rebollar Julio, Quesada Ramos Guillermo (Cuba), De Paepe Michel, Janssens Arnold (Belgium)
  • Renewable Energy Clusters for Remote Communities
  • Underwood Christopher, Ramachandran J., Alwan Z. (United Kingdom)
  • Uncertainties in Predicting the Impact of Climate Change onThermal Performance of Domestic Buildings in the UK
  • de Wilde Pieter, Rafiq Yaqub, Beck Martin (United Kingdom)

14 h 00 – 15 h 30 : Session 3 : APPLICATION TO COMMISSIONING
Chair: Peitsman Henk (The Netherlands)

  • Commissioning and energy management based on the Energy Performance Building Directive (EPBD)
  • Schmidt F., Kopetzky R., Sucic D. (Germany)
  • Automated commissioning of a cooling coil using a smart mixed-air temperature sensor
  • Dexter Arthur, Tan Huiling (United Kingdom)
  • Commissioning of air-conditioning systems
  • Werdin Heiko (Germany)

16 h 00 – 17 h 30 : Session 4 : APPLICATION TO COMMISSIONING AND AUDIT
Chair: Wang Shengwei (China)

  • Energy Modeling of Good Earth Building for Energy Audit and Retrofit
  • Furlong J., Hutton A., Frisque A. (Canada)
  • Specifications for Commissioning Aid and Decision Making Assistance Tool
  • Belkadi-Hannachi N., Jandon M., Vaezi-Nejad H., Guéna F., Diab Youssef (France)
  • A contribution to the audit of an air-conditioning system : modeling, simulation and benchmarking
  • Adam Christophe, André Philippe, Hannay Cleide, Hannay Jules, Lebrun Jean, Lemort Vincent, Teodorese Vlad (Belgium)

Tuesday 12th December

08 h 30 – 10 h 30 : Session 5 : APPLICATION TO CONTROL AND MANAGEMENT
Chair: Kummert Michaël (Canada)

  • Model-Based Demand-Limiting Control of Building Thermal Mass
  • Lee Kyoung-ho, Braun James E. (U.S.A.)
  • Simulation of the climate system performance of a museum in case of failure events
  • van Schijndel A.W.M., Timmermans W.J. (The Netherlands)
  • The Application of System Identification for Climate Control
  • van Schijndel A.W.M., Steskens Paul (The Netherlands)

11 h 00 – 12 h 30 : Session 6 : SOFTWARES (1)
Chair: Laret Louis (France)

  • Simulation Software to Describe The Hygrothermal Environment of Whole Buildings Based on Detailed Physical Models
  • Ozaki Akihito (Japan)
  • The challenge of coupling the building’s internal and external energy systems in dynamic simulation - A distributed ICT approach
  • Shemeikka J., Klobut K., Heikkinen J., Sipilä K. (Finland)
  • Simulation based Design Environment for Multi-Agent Systems in Buildings
  • Yahiaoui Azzedine, Hensen Jan, Soethout Luc, van Paassen Dolf (The Netherlands)

14 h 00 – 15 h 30 : Session 7 : SOFTWARES (2)
Chair: Jiang Yi (China)

  • Simulation of Air Conditioning Systems with different Tools Minimum Requirements for different Applications
  • Dentel Arno, Stephan Wolfram (Germany)
  • Extension of a product modelling concept using an HVAC data model for Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
  • Wassouf Ziad, van Treeck Christoph, Rank Ernst (Germany)
  • Integrated Heat Air & Moisture Modelling and Control
  • van Schijndel A.W.M. (Jos) (The Netherlands)

16 h 00 – 17 h 30 : Session 8 : HVAC SYSTEM MODELLING Chair: Braun James (USA)

  • Simulation of Hybrid Ground Source Heat Pump Systems and Experimental Validation
  • Spitler Jeffrey D., Xu Xiaowei, Gentry Jason E., Fisher Daniel E. (U.S.A.)
  • Sub-hourly simulation of residential ground coupled heat pump systems
  • Kummert Michaël, Bernier Michel (Canada)
  • From model validation to production of reference simulations : how to increase reliability and applicability of building and HVAC simulation models.
  • Adam Christophe, André Philippe, Georges Bernard, Lebrun Jean, Lemort Vincent, Teodorese Vlad (Belgium)

Wednesday 13rd December

09 h 00 – 10 h 30: Session 9 : BUILDING MODELLING
Chair: André Philippe (Belgium)

  • The use of a TRNSYS based dynamic greenhouse climate model to simulate the microclimate in a typical zimbabwean greenhouse
  • Mashonjowa E., Milford James (Zimbabwe), Pieters Jan, Denys Siegfried, Lemeur Raoul (Belgium)
  • Nodal network and CFD simulation of airflow and heat transfer in double skin facades with blinds
  • Hanby V.I., Cook M.J., Ji Y., Infield D.G., Loveday D.L., Mei L. (United Kingdom)
  • A Physical Simulation Model for the Prediction of Temperature and Airflow in Double Skin Facades
  • Madjidi Madjid (Germany)

11 h 00 – 12 h 30 : Session 10 : HVAC SYSTEM AND BUILDING MODELLING
Chair: Mitchell John (USA)

  • Dynamic Simulation on Simplified Building Models and Interaction with Heating Systems
  • Masy Gabrielle (Belgium)
  • Modelling and simulation of an air conditioning chilled water system
  • Cleide Aparecida Silva, Jules Hannay, Jean Lebrun, Vincent Lemort, Vladut Teodorese (Belgium)
  • A Mixed-mode Building Energy Model for Performance Evaluation and Diagnosis of Existing Buildings
  • Wang Shengwei, Xu Xinhua (China)

14 h 00 – 15 h 30 : Session 11 : COMPONENT MODELLING (1)
Chair: Ngendakumana Philippe (Belgium)

  • Operating Performances of Expansion Devices in Refrigeration Plants
  • Chan My, Sun J,, Deng S.M. (China)
  • Accurate Performance Prediction of Unitary Air Conditioner Simulation Models at Part-Load Conditions
  • Shen Bo, Braun James E., Groll E.A. (U.S.A.)
  • On Methods for Calibrating the Heat Exchanger of a Model for Simulating the Thermal and Electrical Production of Small-Scale Solid-Oxide Fuel Cell Cogeneration Systems
  • Beausoleil-Morrison Ian (Canada), Lilien Jean-Louis, Lerson Sébastien (Belgium)

16 h 00 – 17 h 30 : Session 12 : COMPONENT MODELLING (2) AND CONCLUSIONS
Chair: Haves Philip (USA)

  • Using the Analogy Approach to Extrapolate Performance Data for Cooling Towers
  • Mitchell John W., Braun James E. (U.S.A.)
  • CO emissions of fuel oil boilers used in domestic heating
  • Ngendakumana Philippe (Belgium)
  • Conclusions
  • Lebrun Jean (Belgium)